Adoption is a delightful and accepted way to form and expand families. Making the decision to pursue adoption is a life changing one that will affect you and your family significantly. As with any major life decision, it is a journey best taken equipped with all the necessary information and legal advice. If you choose to expand your family through adoption, whether locally or internationally, we can assist you in the entirety of the adoption process so that you can concentrate your attention to welcoming your new family member to your home.

In Alberta, adoption requires making an application to the Court of Queen’s Bench, typically by way of desk application.  A number of forms and documents are required.

At Tzedek Law Office, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all issues related to adoption. We will work closely with you, prepare the application and guide you through the legal aspect of the adoption process. We can also assist you with the citizenship application for international adoption in order to bring the adopted child to Canada.