Immigration, Citizenship & Refugee

Do you want to:

  • relocate to Canada?
  • apply for student visa?
  • apply for a visitor’s visa or Super visa?
  • apply for permanent residence, work permit, LMIA?
  • apply for visa as self-employed or investor?
  • apply for a visa for medical treatment?
  • invite a friend or relative to Canada?
  • sponsor your spouse, parents or siblings?
  • make an application for citizenship for your adopted child?
  • apply for citizenship?
  • apply for refugee status?


We can assist you.

Immigration law is dynamic and changes constantly. Having immigration issue could be very bothersome. The process involves providing a lot of documents and completing a lot of application forms. You need a lawyer who is thorough with in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration law and the immigration system. At Tzedek law, we have the expertise and knowledge to conduct your case and ensure that you have the desired outcome.